A DAy iN thE LifE Of thE McMAhOn FAmilY

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Last weekend my mom and sister gave me a beautiful baby shower! Family and friends showered me and the coming baby with such wonderful things as: handmade blankets and burp cloths, diapers, a pedicure, baby outfits, gift cards, and even a family photo session! Of course everything was decorated beautifully, my mom had a make-to-order espresso bar, and we had an amazing cake made by local legend Kim Angel. Thank you so much to everyone...you made a pregnant girl feel very special!


  1. Yeah! So glad you liked it! It was such a nice gathering, and so much fun to decorate and plan for. You deserve it super sister!

  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed it! Hope you felt 'showered with love'!
    It was a fun morning and you deserve it!

  3. You are a special prego and I can't wait to meet my little "Baada Boo"... ok, I'll stop calling her that now:)