A DAy iN thE LifE Of thE McMAhOn FAmilY

Monday, June 28, 2010


A while back I found some plain white plastic garden stakes at WalMart. There were about 25 of them for $4.00!

I spray-painted them a cheery yellow, then wrote veggie names with a black sharpie. I wish I had this many veggies in my garden...these were actually a gift for my dad for Father's Day. He has an amazing garden with almost 25 different kinds of veggies/herbs. I love how the bright yellow stands out from the green when they are in the garden. (Sadly I don't have a picture of it)

Anyway, I thought it was a fun little project and gift for a gardener...I may just have to make some for myself!


  1. So cute! Still want to split a set?

  2. Great idea to paint them! This would be a fun housewarming gift or instead of taking flowers or wine with you as an invited guest for dinner you could wrap those up for a special unique gift!! ??? They are very cute...your sister-in-law would be all over them HaHa