A DAy iN thE LifE Of thE McMAhOn FAmilY

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Miss Madelynn has been deciding to forgo most of her naps this week in exchange for some pretty silly stunts. This picture captures her energy on the first day of her nap strike:

Bouning off the walls got a little dull so the next nap strike day I opened her door to find this (after a series of grunting):

The mattress was propped up on the white cupboard and she was trying to slide sown it before it crashed down on the other side. Yes, I was looking for the little munchin that helped her flip her own mattress over the furniture...but, no. She did that all by herself!I always knew she was the type that thought outside the box...but this? I couldn't close my dropping jaw or decide what to say to her so I went and grabbed my camera instead. She obliged me by posing on the cupboard and sweetly saying, "CHEESE!"

Oh, Madelynn, (and this is such an understatement, but there are just not enough words in the dictionary for you!) you are one in a million!

How I love you!!


  1. Oh, Miss Madelynn..... I have missed you this week!

    Teacher Cindy

  2. Yes, Oh Madelynn! I miss her! Can't wait to see her soon!

  3. Oh Madelu, you are one little fire cracker! Very exciting,,,what will you do next? I Love you, NANA :O)