A DAy iN thE LifE Of thE McMAhOn FAmilY

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Confession: before I knew that the baby was a girl, I thought it was a boy! And just in case I was right, I bought some vintage-inspired cowboy fabric for an unknown future project. It really was too cute to pass up. Well now that we know it's a girl, what to do with that fabric? I decided that Madelynn could totally pull off, given her free spirit and not-so-frilly nature. I just needed the right fabric to put with it. I had an old shirt in my project pile that would be perfect...the brown added contrast and the flowers made it girly. So I used the collar and part of the button-down edge to make the bodice...and the rest is made with the "cowboy" fabric. This was my first (and perhaps last) attempt at designing a top from scratch.

I learned three important things during the process:
1.) Next time I WILL use a pattern.
I completely made this up as I went, and ran into all sorts of problems along the way- like how to attach the straps after everything else was sewn, the ends of the fabric in the back did not quite line up, and exactly how to fasten the top in the back (buttons, snaps, elastic...)

2.) I am NOT a knowledgeable seamstress.
For instance, I hand-cut and stitched the button holes in the back because I have no idea how to do a real button hole (sad, I know.) I didn't make the bottom section of the top is not as gathered as I wanted because I didn't cut it wide enough. The straps were supposed to be parallel but didn't look right (although I do like how they ended up).

3.) I need to stop critiquing this top-because I have to admit, Madelynn looks adorable in it!
This little top seems to fit her personality just right...not every girl can wear something with lassos and pistols!

I wish she had a pair of cowboy boots to wear with it!

P.S. Yes, my little pistol CAN sit still long enough for me to double-french braid her hair! Getting her to sit still and pose for a picture is a different story...

I know, she is just too cute, huh?

Now I really appreciate all the things my mom sewed for me and my sister...and they had coordinating shorts! (I'm remembering a little shorts and tank outfit in a fly fishing theme, is that right, mom? :>)


  1. Madelynn does look adorable in your adorable top! You are sooooo creative! And yes, you are right , I did make you an outfit with fabric that had fly fishes on it!! How funny is that! I bet we have a picture somewhere of you wearing it. Next time you come over I'll show you how to sew button holes...I'll have to read my sewing machine manual for a refresher! LOL

  2. The top is awesome!!! She is a little pistol and pulls it off perfectly:)

  3. Oh, can I get in on that button hole making tutorial?? :) ADORABLE shirt Sister. It is so perfect for her. Maybe Marcus needs a co-ordinating one? :) I can't believe you can do that to her hair!!! I am shocked! Oh, and remember the crayola outfit? And I have matching ones that mom made us in a blue fabric with dollies and sewing notions think....when the girls are a few years older, we HAVE to get pictures of them in it! :)

  4. So, so adorable. You are so right. She can totally pull it off.

    What size of boots does she need? We have a variety around here. Maybe there will be a pair that fits. I would suggest Zoe's closet :)