A DAy iN thE LifE Of thE McMAhOn FAmilY

Sunday, May 30, 2010


Here are a few things that have been keeping me busy around the house lately:

Organizing and getting the nursery ready for baby girl (nursery pics soon!):

Painting and organizing my newest thrift store find (sorry there's no before photo-it was an ugly honey-colored wood with brass handles):

Re-doing my terribly messy, embarassing laundry space:


And finding a space in the garage for husband to hang his lovely, ever-growing collection of hats:

I have also been working on decorating the guest bathroom...and the nursery, the livingroom, the master bathroom, husband's closet, the kitchen....
No, I'm not nesting or anything.....:>)


The long-awaited, sunny, eighty degree weather has finally arrived! Madelynn was thrilled with a little impromptu sun-bathing/splashing/jumping at Nana and Pa's house. I even got to SIT for about a half hour while she was preoccupied (this does not happen very often-the sitting, I mean).

Don't ask me how I was able to catch these photos of her "posing" because they only lasted for a split second!

It's so refreshing to watch someone enjoy life so much. My little Madelynn always keeps me laughing. :0>

The other day we stopped at cousin Kade and Kuper's house after an afternoon walk. The boys always include her in their play...and this time they were riding the quad! Kuper helped Madelynn keep it out of the ditch...thanks, Kuper!

And just for fun I wanted to share these pictures from the park. One of Madelynn's favorite things to do is swing on the tire swing...

...probably because she can stand up while its swinging!

Sunday, May 16, 2010


While visiting our family up north, we decided to teach the girls a few things about the Starbucks family tradition (these cups are empty of course!):

1) Coffee is always more enjoyable when drank with someone you love...

2) Biscotti is to coffee as butter is to bread...

3) Starbucks must always come first before any road trip...

4) Some people must avoid human contact until they have had a few sips of coffee...

5) Every coffee lover is different-Madelynn loves her Tall Nonfat Vanilla Latte, while Paisley enjoys her Double Tall Nonfat Extra-Hot Latte...

6) Never leave any coffee in your cup!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Pa'S LittLE GiRL

Need I say anything more?

Monday, May 10, 2010

MiSs MAddeLyNn'S RoOM

Its finally finished! This has been one of the most fun decorating experiences I have had! I wanted the room to be colorful and fun-just like Madelynn. I tried to get as creative as possible and think outside the box. Usually I am a very precise, "matchy" and symetrical decorator-so it was fun to do something different! See what you think:

Madelynn's wonderful Nana and Pa bought her the super-cute wall stickers, hedgehog beanbag, and awesome pink storage cubicle and canvas buckets. My sister painted the bright green owl figure sitting under the tree on top of the storage cubicle :>)

The "woodland friends" sheets and bedspread are from Target (originally I wanted the owl bedding from Pottery Barn but found the Target version at almost 1/4 of the price!).

I bought the hanging birdhouses for a dollar each at thrift stores and painted them and covered one roof with fabric.

This little pink child-size mirrored cupboard used to be bright red and very shabby looking. A fresh coat of pale pink paint and it looks brand new!

I gave Madelynn's pink curtains an update by sewing a huge tree with a pink bird on one panel, and a giant owl on the other panel. All the fabric I used was on hand. (I really must invest in a nice camera one day-these pictures look terrible!!)

The pink retro kitchen was a Christmas gift from Nana and Pa:-)

I just noticed the mixed-media canvas above the kitchen that I made has some fabric hanging down in the corner. Guess I didn't hang it far enough above the kitchen and Madelynn put her special touch on it!

I have to say that Madelynn seems to really like her new room! She was very excited to see all the little critters on the walls. She also loved helping me paint the birdhouses. I love that the room now fits my daughter's colorful personality!

Here is what I spent to re-do her room:
Bedding: $65.00
Birdhouses: $2.00
Pink Paint: $12.00 (I was shocked that a little quart of paint was so expensive, but I have plenty left for a few projects in the baby's room :-)
Everything else I had on hand!