A DAy iN thE LifE Of thE McMAhOn FAmilY

Saturday, September 25, 2010

bittY bAbY ShOES

This is a little sewing project I finished before baby Lila was born:

I bought a baby shoe pattern on etsy for these reversible mary Jane shoes...and I love them! It's too bad baby Lila's feet are too tiny to wear them yet! My favorite part is that they are reversible--a girl's gotta have options, right?

And what pair of shoes is complete without a little coordinating frock? A MAddiE Lu'S onesie was in order:

The shoe pattern also came in larger sizes...I expect Lila will need at least one pair in each size! Maybe a brown tweed for this winter....

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  1. Those are sooo cute! I bought a pattern last year on Etsy for little shoes but they didn't not come out good .... at all! Yours however are a success!!!! Can't wait to see what other ones you make!