A DAy iN thE LifE Of thE McMAhOn FAmilY

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A HeARtbEAt and COokiEs

Yesterday I had my 13 week prenatal check-up and was able to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time! Hearing that little pitter-patter makes my morning sickness, mood swings, and the extra __ pounds I've gained seem like no big deal! Now all I can think about is the little miracle growing in my belly....and whether its a boy or girl!!!! Madelynn is even becoming attached to her unborn sibling. Nearly every time she comes in contact with my growing belly she starts to rub it, cocks her head to the side, and says, "Mommy has a baaaaby!" Now if that doesn't melt your heart....

Today was one of those stay-at-home-and-be-domestic days. At 9:00 I had a pot roast in the slow cooker, followed by a long morning of chores around the house. Usually when we hang around the house all day, Madelynn does not take a nap-and today was no exception. So to pass the time we made Molasses Crinkle Cookies-the BEST cookies EVER-a tradition of the Cannon family (thanks to my wonderful mom).

Madelynn LOVES helping mommy make cookies. Mommy loves making cookies with you too, Madelynn-but do you HAVE to touch everything and try to "cwimb" all over the counter???? These priceless memories are very dear to me but often take A LOT of patience! She got to taste (a bit too much) cookie dough-as I looked away for seriously ONE second to find her entire finger covered in dough and already half inside her mouth. She was very good, however, at rolling the balls in the sugar :-) Oh, Madelynn-what would I do without you!!!!
(notice my "lovely lady hump"-I mean "bump" in these pictures :-)

On another domestic note, I wanted to share a little project I did for Madelynn. She has one of those cheapy strollers with the plastic-y slings for her dolls. Obviously these were not made to handle a toddler's weight because after six months the poor thing had come apart. So I whipped up a new one with one of her old flannel receiving blankets (two layers of fabric-just in case Madelynn decided to use her stroller as a step stool on more than one occasion). It was soooo easy and quick...I'm glad I didn't just go buy another cheap stroller.

Well enjoy the last hours of this wonderful domestic day!!


  1. Nice work on the stroller! Love seeing your pictures and I can't wait to find out if we can plan for pink or blue:)

  2. I love the top picture with you girls in the kitchen with your cute little aprons on. Love it!!!!

  3. Aw, sister, this is so sweet! Good job being domestic. You're amazing. :) Oh, and Happy Birthday!

  4. Oh how sweet! What a fun mommy you are for Madelynn! These will be sweet memories for you both. I remember making cookies with you and your sister when you were little....such fun!